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Eleven PM

CLIENT: Eleven PM - Accessories, N. Macedonia

Introducing Eleven PM: Affordable Luxury for Men and Women

Eleven PM, a brand that I had the pleasure of creating a brand identity for, offers a unique blend of affordable luxury in the world of pajamas, nightwear, and accessories. With a focus on both men and women, Eleven PM brings a touch of softness and elegance to bedtime routines.

The concept behind Eleven PM is to offer a range of products that exude elegance and style while remaining accessible to a broader audience. The brand believes that luxury should not be limited to exorbitant price tags but should instead be enjoyed by all. This philosophy is the driving force behind the creation of affordable luxury that encompasses both comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Eleven PM's brand identity is centered around the core values of elegance, comfort, and accessibility. The brand logo, with its minimalist and timeless design, reflects these values, symbolizing a commitment to simplicity and sophistication.

Welcome to Eleven PM, where affordable luxury meets bedtime bliss.

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