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The Cheesy Story

CLIENT: The Cheesy Story Restaurant, New Delhi, India

Welcome to The Cheesy Story, a restaurant in New Delhi that offers delicious and unique flavors. My job was to showcase the distinctive and irresistible flavors and create a welcoming brand that makes customers feel at home

My branding efforts resulted in a playful color palette, a custom font, and a logo that reflect the inviting and mouth-watering nature of our food. Drawing inspiration from the savory and cheesy flavors of our menu items, I designed a wall that is both warm and fun. I'm confident that my branding and design will make The Cheesy Story a favorite and popular restaurant for those seeking a comforting and satisfying meal in New Delhi.

Cheesy story logo
Photo of zoomed cheese on food
Paper with the logo on it
Styleguide used for cheesy story
Mobile devices mockup
Zoomed photo of food
Plates with food from the restaurant
Cheesy story logo
Single instagram mockup post
Picture of food with logo on the wrapper
Mockups of mobile devices with the logo
Picture of restaurant with the
Picture of restaurant table with food on it
Picture of restaurant
Mockups of logo in instagram posts
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